Jusju is on holiday from FRIDAY 23rd JUNE 2017 UNTIL 31ST JULY 2017. I will complete orders after this time on my return. Many thanks for your patience. Allie


The Jusju wrap skirt has just been launched.  This skirt has amazing qualities and is the best thing in your wardrobe for those days you feel like you don't fit a thing.  Because of the free size you are guaranteed to fit no matter what the weather or time of the month.


The Jusju wrap skirt has three panels, the two side panels are of different fabrics that can either be brought to the front.  This means your skirt can be worn two different ways.  The skirt is fastened by two ties that are on the ends of the skirt.  There is also a button hole in the back panel so that the ties don't ride up your back when you are wearing them.  These skirts are approx 59 cms in length. 


I am also doing a smaller and shorter version of the skirts as well.  I find that for the ladies that are a size 6 to 12 these work well, the panels are slightly smaller than the other skirts so as not to swamp the petite woman as much and also the length is usually better for them as well.  If you prefer this style check out the SKIRTS - SHORT category. 


At the present time I am experimenting with using Kiwiana teatowels as my medium.  I generally use a teatowel on one panel and then fabric on the other panel.

Orders will take approx 7 to 10 days to complete.  If it is an urgent request please let me know in the note to seller comments box when purchasing and I will try my best to get it created for you as early as possible. 


I look forward to hearing from you and any comments you may have.


Allie Avery


For PAYMENT OPTIONS when ordering there are two options;

1. Internet transfer to my NZ bank account, which incurs ZERO extra fees


2. Pay via PayPal with your credit card, which will incur and extra 3% plus $0.45cents on the order.